Using Flags For More Than Decoration

A challenge we face regularly at Corporate Events International that we manage very successfully is how to make a large venue such as field still feel intimate for guests. In the same way that you wouldn’t want an oversized marquee, you certainly don’t want your guests to feel lost at a large venue.

Very often we work with large fields that we map out to have separate area’s for each of our services. From boutique glamping provided by The Glamping Company through to Catering tents provided by The Street Food Catering Company, blessing area’s for The Wedding Festival Company, activity areas for The Corporate Festival company and the all important bars provided by The Festival Bar Company. Everything is in the planning and we use our flags at The Festival Flag company to map out your event so that everything is positioned in an area suitable for your amount of guests. Some of venues only use a faction of the available space, with the right amount of flags, positioned perfectly, this will not only wow your guests, but will provide you with a stunning solution to ensure that your arena is always filled.

Let your creative juices flow with site mapping, you can even use flags for a aisle at a festival wedding just as the two stunning brides did here with The Wedding Festival Company

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